I dropped the coffee beans container on the floor this morning. They went everywhere. As I sat down on the floor to clean them up, I noticed just how dirty the floor was too. I thought, “I have an option here. I can try to avoid the crumbs, and spend…

In these times, it may not be the debate nor the plan that’s most important.

My mother always said that I came out of the womb contrary.

With so much ire and fear in the air here in Washington, D.C. over the last few months and years, I know that being contrary is no longer what is required of me. Yes, we can argue and…

When I was a teenager, in my “obsession with the 1940s” phase in which I listened to big band music and wore retro a-line skirts and my hair in side-roll victory curls, I was in love with Katharine Hepburn.

To me, she was everything I was and wanted to be…

Change happens at the speed of trust.”

In the last few weeks in particular, in a year filled with undeniable markers of how systems and institutions must fundamentally change, one of our nonprofit sector’s “automatic defaults” has become very apparent to me: the bias for action. Painfully so, at times.

“Lineage”, by Jennifer Lentfer, 2018

Perhaps retold settler family stories can help end the myths of “America, the great” and understand this moment in U.S. history.

The Great Plains of the United States have always signaled one thing to me: possibility. Growing up on flat lands, surrounded at all times by an unencumbered 360 degree view does nothing if not instill a sense of the possible.

Fireworks are always a big part of the U.S.’s Independence…

I suspect that by most accounts, if you are reading this, you have at some point been considered intelligent. Your brains — they’re working for you. Like many people in our sector, you likely have high regards for “smarts.”

Regardless of how bright you are, I also suspect that your…

Jennifer Lentfer

(Re)sister of ahistorical or apolitical social change efforts. Poet, writer, coach, and communications strategist. #globaldev #grassroots #philanthropy

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